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forgetting your PIN?

Analogue double-encryption

No spying out by
digital internet spyware!

The analogue double encryption system with "VARIABLE MASTERCODE" corresponds to
a twofold password.

It increases the possible 10 000 variations
of a 4-digit PIN to 810 000.

It prevents a thief from gaining access to the
ecryptian system even if he knows the PIN

No Internet – no battery – no user errors!

With the PIN Coder ‘Made in Germany’ you don’t need to worry about digital computer technology due to frequent online theft of data or upgrading und updating of firmware, software for apps and anti-virus programmes or spyware, Trojans, cookies, caches, viruses or the AES, as the PIN Coder with its mechanical and analogue function and ease of use has nothing to do with any of them.

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