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The content published on this website is subject to international copyright and intelectual property rights. The PINCODER 'Made in Germany' including the VIDEO- or DEMO-function.pdf and the security advices constitute self-contained, user-friedly information and an analogue security system using the computer- supported information- and communication-system IKS, for which the production of copies and downloads is permitted without the consent of the author of these pages only for personal, private and non commercial use. The operator of this website does not accept any liability for the consequences of forged copies, in particular changes, duplications, translations and feeds into other media including those in electronic form, which do not match the function, handling and information provided by the manufacturer about the security technology of the PIN CODER on this website and may be based on falsehoods and / or errors arising from cryptological and technical ignorance and their execution in poor quality and precision.


This website was created with the greatest possible care and the information it contains has been checked for accuracy. Any liability for damages that arrise directly or indirectly from use of the site is excluded. The manufacturer of the original PIN CODER 'Made in Germany' as the operator of this website accepts no liability for products that are sold based on the analogue encryption principle of the PIN CODER 'Made in Germany' with the 'Variable Mastercode', for which an EU patent has been granted and otherwise extensively tested, arising from authorised licensed production or unauthorised production as the case may be. The accuracy of directly and indirectly used details, technical documents and other information by suppliers and providers, on which the production of the PIN CODER is technically and otherwise based and / or is valid and the content of links used in the same way is the responsibility of the respective authors. No liability is accepted for this and for the material consequences of errors, which are based on the infringement of the security guidelines for the use of the PIN in general and / or of failure to comply with the PIN CODER's instructions for use specifically.This disclaimer including the VIDEO- or DEMO-function.pdf and the security page shall be regarded as part of our offer, from where you were referred to this page. Insofar as sections or individual informations of the text do not, no longer or do not completely comply with the law as applicable, the remaing parts of the document remain unaffected in terms of their content.