On 6th Oct., 2004 the German FEDERAL SUPREME COURT of JUSTICE decided that the owner of an EC-Card is responsible for the card should it be stolen and money taken, because the "proof of first appearance" speaks for the fact that the account owner has stored the PIN together with the card:

As a result of this, is it not reasonable to have to think about storing our PINs securely?

The PIN CODER ”Made in Germany” is a pocket-memo-card for people on the go. Its variable master code not only enhances the encryption of four-figure PINs from 10.000 variation options to 810.000 – five-figure PINs have 100.000 variation options by comparison – but it also helps avoid the risky ”pooling effect” and what is known as ”password ageing”. It even denies access to your encrypted PIN even if a thief is aware of your access or key number (same as a password) to the encryption system.

This is because the double security encryption produced by the VARIABLE MASTERCODE has not only been acknowledged by the grant of an EU patent but the PIN CODER has also been used in practice at Germany’s largest banking and finance group having undergone testing by the safety committee of the German banking associations.

Before reading any further, you should use the VIDEO-function installed in order to understand and operate the PIN CODER’s encryption system and watch it to the end. >>>

The PIN CODER’s mechanical encryption, which in terms of its cryptologic definition is essentially not decodable and is completely independent of electronic access, such as the Internet, cannot be infected by viruses, trojans or other cyber attacks, which penetrate even the most advanced security systems, nor will its battery fail, so it is always ready to use.

The particular advantage of mechanical encryption with the VARIABLE MASTERCODE, however, is that even if a thief were to enter the one out of 810.000 number combinations by chance, which is required to gain access to the system, the PIN CODER would not display this like a combination lock, which opens when set correctly; even if the master code (same as a password) is set correctly, none of the encrypted PINs is recognised as a “correct PIN”.

Please note that when storing secret numbers or PINs the protection of large sums of money may be involved.

• Due to the lack of alternatives, much of the individually applied self-generated encryption by amateur “cryptologists” is generally well known to experts and talented thieves as typical “human thought patterns”. Look up “the least secure PIN codes” on Google.

• The reality of everyday life teaches us that factors such as these always enable thieves to have easy access to accounts protected by PINs or passwords and to steal from unwary account holders.

When choosing your VARIABLE MASTERCODE, not withstanding all the PIN CODER’s above mentioned security features, you should be aware that any self-generated PIN, such as the year of your birth, is generally regarded as more insecure than a PIN from what is known as a random generator, which scientific studies have also confirmed.

To remember these “abstract” PINs, the old memory hook or mnemonic principle is generally useful, for which you will find instructions online.

However, the user is responsible for operating the PIN CODER properly.